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Intellectual Property

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International Trademark

Safeguarding the mark, device, design or logo etc. from International arena in order to make it safe and secured the registration should be taken from International Trademark Registration for usage of brand name, logo, design .


Creators creativity need to be protected undoubtedly. Therefor it is on creator hands to get its creation get protected and saved from any tampering or misuse of same. Let’s get hassle free copyright registration.

Patent Registration

It is generally protecting the formulation from being tampered and misused by others. Widely used and registered by Pharmaceutical and software technology company to protect its development and innovation.

Logo Design

This is basically conceptualizing the idea in some unique representative symbol to broadcast the business of organization or group of companies on single head. It can be done by any creative head. But the same need to be safeguard it from mis-use.

Trademark Registration

Business visibility and its uniqueness make it differ from crowd where most of business entity prefer to go for mark, design or logo to get registered on its name. Required trademark registration, get expert hand to make it possible.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewed in every 10 years by paying certain fees and application to Registrar of Trademark Registry. It is advisable to renew the registered trademark on time or before 3 months of its expiry date. Let’s get hassle free renewal.

Trademark Rectification

It is generic eraser mechanism of Trademark. Meaning there by something which you actually do not want but same been inculpated at the time of registration, then you need to file rectification application to Trademark Registry.

Trademark Classes Finder

This service is provided to make the end user more confident and aware on the available trademark classes either goods or services. It helps end users to cater its product or say services to be rightly classified and place at the time of registration

Design Registration

Whatever design or logo been prepared or built for marking your business identification in long run then it needs to be registered from Intellectual Property Registrar Office.

MCD Health Trade License

This license serves as work authorization for entities/businesses that trade goods and services that affect the health of consumers in some way.